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COVID-19 Update


As an established 100% telehealth practice, our services are unaffected by the current pandemic.

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My name is Richard Harvey and I am a consultant psychiatrist who has been in practice for over 20 years.


My colleagues and I have created Telepsych Online as an alliance of independent private psychiatrists and psychologists who have committed to working to the highest standards to deliver personalised,  recovery-oriented mental health care. We have aligned our practices and agreed to use common systems to link ourselves together and make access for patients easier.


Our objective is to make our services more available to those in need of high quality mental health care. In particular, patients in regional and rural areas and to those who would prefer to make use of the privacy, security and convenience of a telehealth consultation.


Our practice is a full private practice offering follow-up and ongoing care via telehealth.


The menu at the top of the screen provides links to explanations of how to obtain a referral, what to expect from a telehealth consultation and details of our qualifications and experience.


We more than welcome enquiries by phone or e-mail and we will do our best to help you work out whether a consultation would help you or a family member, and then whether a consultation by telehealth would be appropriate.


Please be aware that we are currently experiencing a high demand for appointments. Waiting times may be up to 6 months for an initial appointment.


If you are a psychiatrist, psychologist or other allied health practitioner and would like to find out more about joining our alliance, please do get in touch by phone or e-mail.




We are consultant psychiatrists and psychologists committed to improving access to high quality mental health care in rural and regional areas of Australia.

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Email :

Phone : 1300 617 685

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