Interested in joining our alliance?

We are an alliance of independent private practices that align ourselves under the Telepsychiatrist Online banner to provide high quality, patient centred and recovery oriented care.

Each psychiatrist has their own completely independent practice. We use a variety of practice software solutions including Clinic to Cloud and Halaxy. The only requirement is that the practice software has a patient portal and online booking facility (patients must be able to book their own appointments online).

We use online booking and cloud based practice software to make practice administration as simple as possible.

There is a one-off on-boarding fee to support you getting set up and then a small monthly fee to cover shared services (1300 number, website hosting, new patient registration forms, Coviu costs).

Each psychiatrist manages their own billing and retains all income recieved.

Each psychiatrist sets their own fees and private/bulk billing policies.

Each psychiatrist is responsible for all administration of their own practice. You are free to do this yourself, employ your own admin staff or outsource to one of the many virtual practice admin providers.

We have a monthly practice meeting which doubles as a peer review group.

Please contact Richard Harvey on 03 5292 1644 for a preliminary discussion about whether this practice model would suit you.