ADHD Assessment and Management

Please note that due to very high demand, only referrals for patients under the age of 40 years will be accepted for an ADHD assessment. Priority is given to patients in their teens and early 20's who are engaged in education. Please make contact by e-mail or phone before registering as a new patient.

We are able to provide comprehensive diagnostic assessment and management for patients with ADHD 

The assessment of ADHD in adults is based on establishing current symptoms and the impact they are having, and crucially, reviewing evidence that the symptoms were also present in childhood (as ADHD is a developmental condition).

To complete an assessment for ADHD all patient's must provide the following:

  1. Copies of school reports from primary school and secondary school demonstrating evidence of ADHD symptoms prior to the age of 18. These must be uploaded prior to the appointment. Providing school reports is a mandatory part of the assessment process. An appointment will not be offered until school reports have been provided. 

  2. If a previous psychiatrist or paediatrician has made the diagnosis of ADHD it would be helpful to recieve a copy of their previous records. Accessing previous records can take time and you should begin this process as soon as you are referred.

  3. If you are curently being treated, or have been treated by another psychiatrist or paediatrician for ADHD in the past 2 years you will need to provide a letter of handover from your previous psychiatrist/paediatrician.

After the consultation, the following will be undertaken by the psychiatrist should treatment be recommended:

  1. Contact will be made with the State Dept of Health where you live to confirm previous treatment (if any)

  2. You will be asked to have blood tests and an ECG (heart test).

  3.  You will be asked to provide a urine sample for drug testing. This must be negative for all illicit substances. A urine drug screen positive for any non-prescribed drug will mean that treatment is not possible.

  4. You will need to provide the results of a recent (less than 6 months ago) eye test (optometrist exam) confirming normal pressures inside the eye. This is an important safety screen should treatment be recommended (this can be completed after the initial consultation).

Please note that fees apply for ADHD assessments

Medication for ADHD

Patients diagnosed by another practitioner will require a full diagnostic re-assessment and submission of documentation as set out above before any treatment recommendations can be made.

Treatment can be provided for patients who reside in Victoria, South Australia, NSW, Queensland, WA, the NT and the ACT.

Restrictions apply in the following States:

Tasmania - TAS law mean that assessment and recommendations can be given, however, your GP must prescribe for you. The referral letter from your GP must indicate their willingness to apply for a permit and to prescibe for you. Tasmanian patients being treated for ADHD are subject to random DHHS directed urine drug screening.

Medicinal Cannabis

The treatment of ADHD and the use of medicinal cannabis places patients at very high risk of psychosis and harm.

There is no evidence for the use of medicinal cannabis for any psychiatric condition. There is significant evidence that cannabis causes harm.

We are unable to offer ADHD treatment for patients using medicinal cannabis.

If you have previously used medicinal cannabis all scripts must be cancelled, any remaining supply of the drug must be returned to a licensed pharmacy for disposal and two clear urine drug screens will be required 4-6 weeks apart.

But I am 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x years old and don't have my school reports...

More than 90% of referred patients immediately report that they don't have their school reports!

The diagnosis of ADHD in adults is based on establishing evidence that the symptoms were present in childhood (as this is a developmental disorder), and then assessing the current impact of symptoms now that you are an adult. Because we are potentially trying to get a permit to use a Schedule 8 controlled drug to treat your ADHD there is a need for rigour in the assessment process.

Reviewing your school reports is the gold standard as these are completely without bias and often very very useful. 

You should ask your parents, grandparents, guardians to look for your reports,  and look in attics, boxes or archives. School reports are very rarely thrown away.

The next step is to contact your primary and high schools in writing and keep the replies. Many private schools keep records of reports in their archives, many public schools (particularly in Tasmania) archive the reports with the State Education Department.

If the schools report back in writing that they no longer have the records then we will accept a Statutory Declaration from a parent, grandparent or teacher who can describe possible symptoms that could have been ADHD. We would need to receive a copy of the correspondence with your school(s) as well as the Stat Dec to proceed.

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