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Simply click the "Start Booked Consultation" button, choose your clinician, then join as a GUEST.

Appointment Booking

If you are a new patient simply complete the new patient registration form below and within 24 hours (usually less) you will receive a secure link to access to the patient portal and booking system. 

As soon as you are registered as a patient you will get access to the Patient Portal at Clinic to Cloud. This will allow you to book  appointments, read your file, access results and upload clinical documents including your referral letter. 

All of our psychiatrists accept any valid GP referral. 

Our psychologists require a Mental Health Treatment Plan

You always have the choice of who you would like to see for your mental health care.  

Once you have booked an appointment you will receive a reminder e-mail and text messages as the date approaches. 

Approximately 5 minutes before the consultation begins either follow the link from the session booking e-mail or click the "Start a Booked Consultation" button on this website. The secure telehealth video system works from any browser on any device and requires no software or registration.

Privacy and security

Telepsych.Online fully complies with the RANZCP Professional Standards for Telepsychiatry and the Medical Board of Australia Guidelines on Technology Based Patient Consultations.

All video consultations including messages, voice, video, and content are encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption. Consultations are not recorded.

All clinical records are managed securely online, backed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) certified Microsoft Azure and Amazon S3 cloud platforms. Systems are protected by strong encryption, 2-factor and biometric identification.

However, as a registered patient you are responsible for the security of your records in the patient portal. You should use a private e-mail address (not a work address), protected by 2-factor authentication and a strong password and not share the password with anyone. If you do not want access to the patient portal, please ask and it can be disabled.

Telepsychiatrist.Online actively supports My Health Record and, with your consent, we will use your My health Record to retrieve relevant background clinical information (you may receive a text message when we first access your MyHR). 

At this time we are not able to add documents to My Health Record, however, you are welcome to upload your records from the patient portal to My Health Record yourself.

Please see the detailed privacy policy for full details.