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Telehealth and Medicare


If you live outside of a major metropolitan area then Medicare will fully support your access to and your consultations will be bulk-billed with no out of pocket cost.


Click on the map on the right and search for your home address as registered with Medicare. If the map shows that you live in an area designated RA2, RA3, RA4 or RA5 then all consultations will be bulk billed. You need to select "Australia Bureau of Statistics remoteness classifications ASGS Remoteness Areas (2016).


If you live in a major metropolitan area (RA1 on the map) you should be able to find a local psychiatrist who can see you face to face via the RANZCP 'Find a Psychiatrist' database.



Why do I need a referral?


As a medical specialist I work closely with your GP to get the best outcome for you. A GP understands all aspects of your health, both physical and psychological and can address any health issue you may have, including preventative health care.


You will need to visit your GP and ask for a referral to see me. GPs are sympathetic and supportive and will generally provide the referral that you need. On the right is a letter I have written that you can download, print off and take to your GP. The letter helps explain how work and how I will support you and your GP.


Medicare requires a referral for me to be able to bulk bill your appointment. Without a referral you would need to pay the full cost of the consultation.


Once you have a referral, you can book your initial appointment online.

What if I can't find a GP or don't have a GP?


GPs can be hard to access in some parts of Australia. I also fully realise the challenges and barriers of going to see a GP to talk about your mental health and to seek a referral to a psychiatrist.


You might choose to see your regular GP (if you have one), and this is the best option as your GP knows you the best. However, some people prefer to keep their mental health issues more private and choose to see a different GP for this purpose. In most cities and regional centres there are walk-in and bulk-billing general practices. The link to 'HealthEngine' below allows you to search and book appointments with a nearby GP.


A third option is to use one of the increasing number of online GP clinics that offer consultations by telehealth. I have linked to two of them below. However, as Medicare does not cover GP telehealth there is a consultation fee to use these services.






Prof Richard Harvey is a consultant psychiatrist with over 20 years experience in mental health. He offers an innovative telepsychiatry service with consultations via the internet.

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