Support for Gender Affirmation

Professor Harvey is a member of AusPATH the Australian Professional Association for Trans Healthand offer supportive care and support letters for patients seeking gender-affirmative medical treatment (hormones and/or surgery).

He is happy to see you whether you are transgender, non-binary or any other identified gender and are seeking support to access medical and/or surgical treatment to reduce feelings of gender incongruity/gender dysphoria.

Pathways to gender transition, or simply feeling comfortable about yourself are complex and confusing, particularly if you are just starting this journey. We recommend the following resources:

  1. The AusPATH provider directory

  2. TransHUB- helpful and supportive information and resources (aimed at NSW, but lots of useful general information)

  3. r/trans on Reddit (it's at least a good starting point)

A GP Referral is needed, once you have this, simply register as a new patient via the Appointments menu.

Consultations are bulk-billed.

If you are seeking access to gender-affirming hormone treatment we recommend that you see a supportive GP who offers hormone treatment via an informed consent model where no psychiatrist involvement is needed. See the AusPATH directory above.

Prof Harvey offers priority appointments for people seeking WPATH support letters. He can generally see people at short notice. He is also happy to complete paperwork for early release of Super.

If you are aged 16-18

Currently the situation for trans 16-18 year old's in Australia is complex.

Current legislation effectively means that the young person and BOTH parents must be involved in decisions regarding medically-affirming gender.

Professor Harvey is happy to see 16-18 year old's who have full capacity, however, both parents and/or legal guardians must attend all consultations. The young person must initiate the referral and consultation themself. We do not accept referrals where someone else (including a parent) is attempting to organise the consultation on behalf of the young person.

Unfortunately, due to the costs and time required, Professor Harvey is unable to assist with situations where the Family Court has to become involved.